New Sneakers Nike 2020

New Sneakers wanted to give you guys an updated version of ten most comfortable pairs of new sneakers 2020  personally at least for myself since it is at the end of the Year and there’s actually some new containers for that top 10 list so let’s go ahead and get into the article if you guys want to shop this week’s top sneaker

New Sneakers Nike 2020

New Sneakers Nike 2020

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Reebok Zig

number 10 spot goes to this shoe right here not one that I expected to be in the countdown one that

I never even knew would exist until the last couple months of the year but this is  the Reebok Zig Connecticut

type one believe it’s called really really dope shoe I love the look of this shoe I mean some people are like not

getting it but for those people that get it I mean like I feel like there’s a camaraderie there because

I personally am like whoa these are these are super fresh I love the look

I love the style and aesthetic and the comfort is there as well it’s not as springy and as comfortable as maybe

like boost for me personally the zig technology is a little bit more like balanced in a sense

but it’s good where it needs to be and I really like it and Reebok definitely has my attention with

more releases than they have coming through the year so on feed these things were good

and I really liked them sothese ones that have the number 10 spot new sneakers arrival 2020

New Balance 993 5s

number 9 spot goes to the New Balance 993 5s now this shoe is definitely a dad shoe to the core

but it’s super comfortable and it’s big and it’s chunky I don’t know what the midsole is even made

out of I don’t even remember the cushioning system in this but I will say they’re really

comfortable and the build  quality is really really good on these two and made in the USA as it says

proudly on the tongue all in all this is a great shoe and definitely worth trying on your feet

especially for your wide feet boys like

myself like wide feet gang this is a great shoe for you guys it’s one that’s a little bit

rugged too because it’s

thicker so this is a pair You can transition from the summer to the wintertime probably

it’s definitely thicker than the average shoe and a little bit bulkier but perfect for wide feet people like myself

number nine spot and just a sidebar obviously my feet are different than your two

feet and what I deem is comfortable my That you guys deem is comfortable so if I get something

completely wrong or if you’re flabbergasted because a pair of sneakers that you thought it was the best shoe ever right

 -number eight 08

So number eight spot goes to th Tareq’s free hiker this is a shoe that I’ve talked about a lot as

well 224 the price on these kind of expensive but a really rugged shoe really thick outsole

and traction and nice comfortable  booste boost boost on the midsole and it’s a really rugged shoe made for

those outside moments when you’re gonna go cut down the Christmas tree for Christmas Time go to the

pumpkin patch and like go on a hike and stuff like that I meanthese ones are great options

for outdoorsy sort of activities campinglike

this will be my shoe whenever I go camping again like so there’s a lot of outdoor things with

this one which is Why it’s lower on the list only because it’s not everyday functionality-wise

it’s not a pair that I’m gonna wear every single day I wish also it wasn’t as snug around the collar but

that is what it is I mean it’s just one of those things but all in all this is a great shoe I mean hands down one

of the most slept on shoes of the year comfort wise it’s there and yeah number eight spot

#number seven = 07:

so number seven spot goes to both of these shoes right here interesting looks to both of them

somewhat similar somewhat different they’re both waffle inspired as you can see from the soles

you havethe sakai joints here you have the under coverage joints here I will say that actually

the skies are probably a little bit more comfortable with the midsole but the under covers

feel more supportive so that’s kind of a pro and con of both of them I just really like both of

these and I wear these more regular than some of the other shoes that I already mentioned

which is why these placed higher on the countdown at least for myself personally comfort wise these are

not probably as good as some of the other

ones but functionality wise and the fact that these are a little more stylish and more trendy for

me this year these ones are up on the countdown because of that so number seven spot these

two sneakers right here is the Kai’s and the under covers alright Next …

 adidas night jogger

up we have the adidas night jogger and this is not my pair this is my wife’s pair because

I chopped up my pair to do that custom where I remove the tongue and all that other stuff if you guys

didn’t see that I’ve made a 4d Stella McCartney shoe out of Niger tongue but this this model is great

it’s a really comfortable model it’s a very futuristic sort of retro feel to the shoe which is something that

I really like because it has that Boost midsole that’s really comfortable I think that the night jogger is

also another pair of those sneakers that are ultra slapped on I got an itch and I got an itch my knee real quick

okay yeah so I think that there’s just one of those slept on pairs of sneakers and

this colorway is my favorite one by far this is the r2d2 Holloway as you can see it looks like the Droid anytime

I see this one I’m like a mega clearance or mega discounted price I always

promote it because it’s a shoe that I really really liked and hopefully more

people that try it out will give it a chance stylistically –

I really like it as well even though it doesn’t have  all the hype there is a lot of the other sneakers on the market

comfort wise it’s their style points there and all-in-all I just really like the shoe

especially for the sale price  point so you can get them nowadays

Nike react presto

number five spot goes to the Nike react presto this shoe is one of the

most comfortable shoes to drop in the year

obviously which is why this is the number five spot the  reason why it’s

a little bit lower is because functionality- wise it’s just a little bit too loose for some people but

th react midsole is  super mega big on this one and it’s

really really soft and cushiony on feet if you’re looking for a really big

cloud like right on your feet that’s lightweight this one is very very good it locks structure though

so you feel like you’re gonna roll your ankle from time to time at least  I did but part of the

reason why is because I don’t tighten my laces so I get it it’s mostly my fault I don’t like

to type my laces I just way I go anyway this is my custom version I cut the cage on half of it made it

look kind of like a Pharrell joint here but number five spot definitely a comfortable shoe and

nowadays you can get these for like 80 bucks or less so really good price 120 was retail

which is also not even a bad price so a lot of bang for the buck number five spot

Yeezy boost 350s

number four spot in the one that probably commands the most resale on the entire table obviously

the most comfortable pairs of sneakers aren’t necessarily the ones that are hyped up in fact it’s even

better because they’re usually readily available not so for this one though because it’s not really readily

available the Yeezy boost 350s into the replica pair as well so be careful if you’re trying to buy on the open

market the replicas are really really close to the real thing at least they look that way just don’t get stung out

there but all in all these things are really good they’re very comfortable I’ve said in my

reviews and I’ll say it again that this is to me the most comfortable easy that has actually

released thus far it beats out any Nike easy it beats out any adidas Yeezy including and up to the

EZ 350 v2s and the easiest 700s this shoe is definitely very very

comfortable at least in my opinion the way it fits me I really really like this shoe so that is why it

is in the number four spot if number three a pair that probably nobody has tried but I’m telling

you guys it’s worth every penny this is a nike cruiser one designed by Tinker Hatfield for Phil Knight

and it’s like the old man walking shoe like perfect for this dude right here and I mean it’s super comfortable

adidas ultra boost 2019

alright so the 2 spot goes to the adidas ultra boost 2010 and 2021 I would say just the 2020 but it

was 2019 and I wore this one most of the year and it definitely was a contender through the year

and it still is because it’s such a amazing pair of sneaker is that most people just have never tried

even though you can get these for dirt cheap it’s a shoe that like I wore so many times that at first

I wasn’t really really feeling the shoes but the more that I wore them the more I found myself going

back to this shoe and now that the 20/20 is out like this is the go-to right now this is The next one that

I’m going to be doing a month after wearing Article

because I’m going to be beating these ones up and these ones pretty much every single day but these

things are really really comfortable and they’re really

good on feet the reason

  • why these beat out a lot of other sneakers out here for a Top-

tier spot is because these

areactually made specifically for running and performance but I don’t wear  the shoes for performance

as you guys know this is a casual shoe to me but this also is a very versatile pair of sneakers both of them and

I say this as I mean both of them because they’re pretty much the same thing if you saw my comparison

review which is actually in the review video of this if you guys missed it but both really good shoes both

great casually both great for performance because of the versatility of this shoe it’s worth more than some

of the other contenders on the top 10 list so I really just like the shoe the overall look of the shoe has grown

on me tremendously the comfort is there if you like the regular ultra boost this is 20% more

boost than the regular ultra boost which makes it really really

great and I think that the innovation that adidas has done even though it

hasn’t caught on to the public or the mainstream I feel like this shoe is one of the best-kept secrets in

a sense and anybody that’s bought a pair of these on sale I’ve posted these on sale as low as 72

bucks retail

is 180 like 72 dollars is a no-brainer this is a great pair of sneakers for that price point leave a

comment if

you  have bought a pair on sale and let other people know it wasn’t worth buying at the price

point that you paid or what do you think about the shoes leave

those comments so other people  can see cuz I want

to see who else has also tried the shoes but absolutely love this shoe and it’s been one

of those ones that it’s been growing on me literally through the

year and then they dropped the new  one with the color boost on it

and then I’m back in love with the model so really

really good definitely we’re trying it

if youhaven’t and number-two spot for myself for this year .

 Pegasus turbo

so the number one spot for myself goes to the Pegasus turbo – so last year the Pegasus turbo one

basically took the top spot for myself this shoe was absolutely amazing like as soon as I put this one

on I was like whoa I said it I’ll say it again this is my favorite Nike pair of sneakers that

I’ve ever tried on my foot it’s the most comfortable Nike pair of sneakers that I personally ever wore

and I have like five pairs of these I mean I just love this shoe if you haven’t tried it on the sensation is

basically like boost the very first time you try it on adidas boost that’s kind of like the sensation

I got with these because these have two different technologies there’s react on the bottom there

zoomx which is a lighter fluffier foam on the top and the two who married together is like a pillowy

Goodness on your foot traction is good on the shoe as well the upper is breathable that’s lightweight it’s

versatile I mean these are shoes that you can run marathons in but they’re also shoes that I like to go to

the grocery store and like they’re that good and the Pegasus turbo 2 is a revamped version of the first

version this is the team Sawyer version from the Doernbecher collection and shout out to them for making

a great shoe

I love this one with a pan on it but I beat up two different pairs

of these already and have one on ice waiting for me to in the future but these are great shoes

and I’ve found them as low as like $100 on sale

anytime I find them on sale although I post them on my website because it’s just a shoe

that I think is that good this shoe is basically the same thing as the one from last year the upper

is a little bit different I did do a comparison video between both of those shoes so definitely worth

checkingthat one out if you guys are interested do it give it a Google search but the overall

comfort and versatility of this shoe though is unmatched by any other shoe on the market right now


these are lighter than the ultra boost 20s they’re more comfortable and more soft than any

of the other shoes that I mentioned and I just I really love this shoe

I don’t know what it is and I don’t know why more people don’t try it out but go to the mall

and try them out I think that the biggest thing that is probably difficult for people is because

it’s called a Pegasus so people know the Nike Pegasus line

there at the 36 is right now at 37 s or something

like that but these ones are the Pegasus turbos which is a different midsole

completely its regular zoom on the regular ones this is Zoom X and Nike

react which Nike is not even really promoting it as such it just says zoom X even though it’s both

so I get it it’s a confusing model it’s been one of my complaints about the model from the beginning

but if you can get past the confusion trust me just try them on is my

favorite most comfortable shoe of the year

I can’t say enough good things about this shoe and I can’t wait to see where

Nike takes things in the future because I feel like this is the wave of the future that I’m looking

for at least so hopefully they keep innovating even if these don’t sell out and even if they go on

deep discount like

I’m hoping that they revamp this shoe to make it even better I know some people complain about the little

horn on the back because this has ripped for people unfortunately that’s a side effect of having the horn

stick out and marrying two foams together

but if you Can get past that then like man it’s just a great shoe so that is my my

number spot right down here what do you guys think what did you guys wear that was really

comfortable on your guys’s feet leave a comment in the comment section what are your two or three most

comfortable shoes that you guys got this year but anyway this

has been a fun Article hopefully you guys enjoyed it.